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Need your AirBnB Property Cleaning in Los Angeles? We'll Help!

AirBnB hosts sometimes struggle to find good house cleaning services while we, the cleaning companies, struggle to make sure it’s better than what the host paid for.

Our teams of cleaners are managed by a growing network of professional cleaners. This way we make sure you get the best out there. Rather book a cleaner from airbnb cleaning service? We will take care that your booking runs smoothly and that it satisfies your needs.

Are you a passionate traveler and attentive host who wants to share special moments with your guests? Are you a meticulous home owner or pet owner who wants to leave an impression in your guests’ minds and hearts? Are you looking for a way to come home to a clean home and maintain the beauty of the city you love? Then airbnb cleaning services are here to help! We are here to be your local cleaner. Because every traveller is different, every airbnb host is different, just like each one of our clients.

How We Support your Airbnb Cleaning in Los Angeles, CA

  • Insured and bonded staff
  • Easy booking
  • Experienced professionals
  • Seamless communication and customer service
  • Proud Americans

AirBnb service that strives to get you 5 star reviews

A dirty airbnb makes for poor reviews. But cleaning an airbnb can be a hassle, a lot a hassle!

One hour per day is a lot of cleaning time to lose! Who’s going to do it? Perhaps even worse, how much is it going to cost? Start to shine makes house-cleaning easy and affordable! Our professional cleaners will tidy up your home before your guests arrive, so your guests can enjoy your amazing space!

Spotless Rooms for your Customers in Los Angeles, CA

A bad review can cause bookings to slow down, or stop altogether. Keeping up with Airbnb cleaning can be hard enough. Getting 5 star reviews takes ages and maybe even a bit of luck!
Those rooms need to shine. Fast. We know that you can’t get 5 stars with your robo-vac or a feather duster. A balanced, expert approach is needed.

We’ve been making homes look presentable for a while now…we’re pros in making spaces look picture perfect in a flash. Upstairs, downstairs, insides and out…your home will sparkle when we’re done!

Great Airbnb hosting isn’t by accident. It takes time, effort, and dedication. With the best will in the world, some cleaning shortcuts are unavoidable. Start to Shine can help you squeeze your last inch of cleaning perfection to make it far easier to get that top rating you deserve! Let us take care of the mundane stuff while you put your feet up with nothing on the schedule apart from whichever TED talk or new Netflix show is lighting up your day.

Friendly and Insured Professionals

Finding the right cleaning company, checking the references, scheduling (and re-scheduling) times, which cleaners show up… this list goes on and it’s not easy. If you are looking for someone who is insured and bonded for your cleaning job, then you have come to the right place. With this solution, this problem will be gone forever!

Scammers are everywhere, and they lurk here too. They promise the world but deliver nothing! And don’t think your local cleaning companies are any more honest or reliable. Work with an insured and bonded cleaning service that really cares about you, your home, its state of cleanliness, and customer services. A service that value quality over quantity.

Start to Shine cleans condos and apartments and is tailored to meet your specific requirements directly on your property following a detailed consultation and survey of your home. Our environmentally friendly deep cleaning Airbnb cleaning services will not irritate your allergies and we provide all equipment we need. We guarantee our Airbnb cleaning services so we don’t ask for payment until after we’ve cleaned your place to perfection – just like that!

What about the cleaning fee charged by Airbnb? So many questions and regrets…How can I save money on my Airbnb cleaning service? What is the price range for the up-front fee which Airbnb charges for cleaning services? Now you have a choice! Prior to Start To Shine, there was no option but to accept the Airbnb cleaning fees. That’s because there was no other path to take.

Start To Shine offers a new direct pricing model that allows you to agree DIRECTLY with your home cleaners on how much you want to pay for your home cleaning service. This means Airbnb cleaners can offer you a fair price while Airbnb stays away from the process.

Why Our AirBnB Cleaners in Los Angeles, CA?

That’s where we help you shine by making sure you know your exact Airbnb cleaning prices upfront. You can tell us everything about your project, and we work out the price for you. No hidden fees, and no surprises.

We also listen to you and customize our services to meet your individual hosting needs and budget. If you’re a DIY queen/king, we’ll help you find the best substitute for your home-based cleaners with an extensive list of products that we use in our own work. Save time and money! Set up an appointment (we come to you) with our experienced team of hand-picked cleaners in San Fernando valley. We provide all the cleaning supplies and equipment needed at a low cost without compromising on quality!

24/7 customer support

Hiring support you can’t reach at night or on weekends. Agile customer support that solves problems the moment they happen. You can now have 24/7 support for your tasks on Airbnb cleaner services. Call us on our hotline to solve any issues that may come up. Endless customer support and contract negotiation calls aren’t things that most people like to do with their free time – or maybe you do. It doesn’t matter, we know for sure that it is not efficient and not something we would like to do either.

Let us take care of everything so you can spend as much time as you want on your business instead of maintaining contracts and calling your customers back.

Start to shine is a full-service Airbnb cleaning company. We handle all aspects of your home cleaning, including equipment rental, supplies delivery, booking services, and onsite supervision – on your timetable.

Our cleaners communicate in English

Then there’s the challenge of making sure that your cleaner can communicate in English effectively. If you happen to speak fluent Spanish or Portuguese, then that might not be a problem for you, but it could be for many other hosts who need to communicate effectively with their cleaners. Contacting service providers through the app sometimes seems like a second language conversation. And again, this may not be an issue for you personally because you’re fluent in Spanish or Portuguese, but it certainly could be an inconvenience.

Our cleaning process

  • Prepare
  • Clean and Sanitize
  • Double-check everything

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