You might be in constant search of remedies to clean up your wooden floors at some time or another. Didn’t you get enough information on wooden floor cleaning that satisfies you? Well we’re the kind of house cleaners in San Fernando Valley that aims to answer and help

Wooden floors are catchy and glamorous when polished or waxed, but they also have limitations. Therefore,  there are certain ways to clean them. The main problem arises when the wooden floor is exposed to moisture or water, which makes it swell over time.  

Wood Care and Maintenance

Wooden floors last longer if kept with extreme care. A waxed surface will initially protect it, but if the spillage lasts longer, the consequences can be much more. If you come across any spillage, wipe it off quickly. If you don’t, then the liquid will go into the grain structure and make it swell. 

The waxed wood does not allow detergents to penetrate its surface. Detergents are alkaline, and when applied on such floors, it makes the floor dull and yellowish. If this happens, then you will have to re-wax the wood again. You should avoid using detergents or chemical cleaners on your wood floor.

Avoid using metal and sharp objects on your hardwood floor. This can cause deep scratches and dents on the surface of the flooring and damage the finish of the wood. Instead of using these items, we recommend using a mop or cloth to wipe up any spills or messes on your floor. They will also not leave any mark behind on the floor as they only contain mild detergents and a soft texture. 

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Composition Of Detergents

When you see the word detergents, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Cleaning right? As you all know, detergents can be used to clean off clothes, floors, etc. But, we never pay attention to its composition. We focus on a cleaning solution, and we use it everywhere it fits. It may give results at that moment, but it may become a problem for you later. 

Most detergents are made up of a certain percentage of salt that is acidic. What people don’t understand is the very basics of chemistry. It is very simple. If we use detergents with ph values above or below 7.5, then every solution is harmful to your waxed wooden flooring. Beautiful waxed wooden floors lose their natural luster and sheen if you use detergents on them.

Reasons Not to use Detergents

Every floor is made up of different structures. Hence, the cleaning methods also change according to that. If your floor is made of tiles or marble, they have similar cleaning methods. But if you have a wooden floor, then the solutions change altogether. 

The average pH(potential hydrogen) value of waxed floors is 7 and 7.5. As detergents have a percentage of bleach in them, they have a pH value of 10 and above. If you clean your waxed floor with detergents, then over time, it will remove the polish in the first place. After that, if you are still using the detergents to clean up, it will chip off your wooden floors. Then it is a chain, and it will worsen over the period. 

What Should be Used instead Of Detergents?

If we look at average people worldwide, combining all, billions of dollars are spent on installing wooden floors. But no one pays attention to getting the right cleaner for it. It is quite simple. We would suggest homemade remedies that can easily be used on your waxed floor without harming them. 

Water and Vinegar

Why spend too much money on the overly priced cleaners rather than making your own at home? It is very simple. All you have to do is get a half cup of vinegar and add one gallon of warm water. Use a mop or sponge, whichever suits you best. This will surely make your waxed wooden floor retain its glamour. 

Although vinegar doesn’t have an appealing smell, we can make it better. All you have to do is follow the same procedure as above. Just add a few drops of essential oil to it, making it more satisfying. People prefer smells like rose, lavender, and orange, so what you have to get is up to you. 

Cleaner made from Vegetable Oil

As you can see, vinegar is the basic ingredient in the cleaner. However, mixing it with vegetable oil can make a deadly combination. Take two cups of vinegar and two cups of vegetable oil. Mix them thoroughly and add them to a spraying bottle. Spray it over your floor and clean it with a microfiber cloth. This will make your floor shiny and sparkling new. 

Natural wood looks the best when given a regular cleaning with vegetable oil-based soaps. This won’t take away the shine or finish of your floor. To clean up any spills, wipe them off with a dry cloth.

Black Tea Cleanser

Many people are fond of drinking black tea, which enhances heart health. But it can be used for other reasons as well. You might be wondering now or maybe scratching your head about how it can become a cleaning solution. Believe us, it is. 

It doesn’t go well with the laminated floors, but it works great with hardwood. The process is quite simple, boil a large amount of water in a teapot. Add six to 7 spoons of black tea in it, and stir it for 5 to 10 minutes. After that, add the tea into a mop bucket and add cold water to reduce its temperature. 

Now soak the mop in the mixture and squeeze to let go of the extra solution. And start mopping from the corner. If everything seems good, then mop the whole area. It will leave your floor in pristine condition. 

A mixture of Olive oil and Lemon

Do you want to remove stains and revive the elegance of your waxed wooden floor? Just use this mixture; it will make your floor shine back again in no time. The process to make it is quite simple. 

Take 5 to 6 cups of hot water, add a quarter cup of oil, and one-third cup of vinegar. Mix them well and add a few drops of lemon juice to make a good scent. Just dip the mop in the solution and sweep it around your floor. It will surely be stain-free and will glimmer after it. 

Wrap up

As you can see, wooden floors cost a lot more. All you need is a little research on how to keep them clean and shiny. We hope that our remedies have worked for you. Moreover, we have kept it simple so that everyone can do it independently. 

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