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Time is money. How often have you wasted hours on end, trying to figure out which service to call for those tough-to-get-to places? Spend less time searching for a cleaning service and more time doing your job. The problem with search engines is that it’s so hard to find a reliable office cleaning service without having to go through a lengthy vetting process. When you need a commercial cleaning company – choose Start To Shine – San Fernando Valley’s leading provider – of commercial cleaning services for businesses that demand sparkling results. We focus on commercial and industrial clients – from offices and apartments to factories and warehouses – making us the solution to all your business needs. Let us do the work so you can concentrate on growing your business.

Specialist Los Angeles Office Cleaning Crew

It’s boring, tiring, it costs time and money. I don’t even have the time to do it properly. And I’ll have to pay someone else? Start to shine is a professional cleaning service for offices in San Fernando Valley & the greater Los Angeles area. We can tackle everything from leaf-clearing to washing up to deep scrubbing of your floors. All you need to do is point us in the direction of your office and we’ll take care of the rest – at a rate well below what you’d pay elsewhere.

Making your Workplace Shine at your convenience

Do you have a dirty office? Our cleaning service will help you get back on track. Is your office a bit dusty, dirty, and full of ugly-looking stains? We make your office shine from top to bottom, from the walls to the floors, from the mirrors to the windows. You’ll never know a cleaner office existed – that’s how good we are. If you want a sparkling clean office – with no cleaning stress – call our office cleaning company today. We offer superior cleaning services every time because we’re simply the best at what we do.

Looking for a professional cleaning company that provides a premium service? Want a reliable team with a friendly attitude? Not every cleaning company will go the extra mile to make sure you’re happy. At Start to shine we’ll provide you with a service tailored to your needs. We’ll listen to your input and put our knowledge and expertise at your service. Take a look around our website and don’t hesitate to contact us anytime to start discussing your office cleaning requirements.

How do I plan for my regular office cleaning without all the hassle of putting it on your calendar?

What if you could enjoy peace of mind knowing your business is always clean without the frustration of planning the details? We provide our clients with an end-to-end solution that takes care of everything they need. We already have all the equipment, scheduling strategies, and partnerships in place to make sure your office will stay clean all year round.

Hiring a Cleaning Company in Los Angeles can be Expensive

Not only is it expensive but unreliable too; there can be inconsistencies in writing, cleaning, and customer service.
Start to shine is a cleaning company based in the heart of San Fernando Valley. We utilize technology and outstanding customer service to eliminate the inefficiencies that come with large cleaning companies and we offer you no headache when we take care of your property.

We Help Clean away Possible Infections

It’s that time of the year again – the dreaded cold and flu season is upon us. You can feel it in your bones – or should that be fingertips? It doesn’t matter how it feels, you know it’s coming – and so does Shine. Start to ‘Shine’ against contagions and epidemics by washing your hands with soap and water today. And if you can’t do that, at least use an instant hand sanitizer from now on. Your immune system is under stress, you cannot focus and you’re tired most of the time. When you finally get to work, your colleagues seem under the weather too. Sigh. So the best and foolproof solution is hiring a professional office cleaning service to keep your workers and yourself safe.

It’s time to stop this cycle once and for all; it’s time to go on a health kick.

With Start to Shine, you will always be prepared when getting around people who carry contagious diseases or have to touch handrails and surfaces in the street. The more the fabric of society crumbles, the more we’ll need to know how to stay safe.

We use eco-friendly products

Making use of hazardous chemicals to clean your office makes you feel sick. No one wants to spend their day cleaning up another person’s mess. And paying someone to fight their resistance with even more chemicals? That’s just ridiculous.
Start to shine offers professional office cleaning services that use 100% eco-friendly cleaning products. Not only will you feel at ease knowing that you and others in the office aren’t breathing in toxins, but this unique alternative to conventional cleaners will also help the environment because fewer chemicals are needed for each clean.

What Makes Us the best to Clean your Office in Los Angeles County

Your employees are already living with bad air quality, bad lighting, poor ergonomics and not to mention having to smell the smell! Start to shine provides office cleaning services for companies that prioritize the health and well-being of their employees. We utilize products that are all-natural and created with eco-friendly practices in mind—all while delivering the same high standards of cleaning you’re used to. Let us take care of keeping your workspace sparkling so you don’t have to worry about it

What makes us best?

We specialize in hot water extraction cleaning which means your carpets will dry in just a few hours, perfect for rushed office workers needing to get back to their desks. We clean everything from box rooms to board rooms, every type of carpet and hard flooring, using professional cleaning machines designed specifically for offices making us one of the best office cleaning companies. We take care of everything for you. We’re the smartest cleaners around, straight from the future (don’t tell anyone).

Why hire a professional office cleaning service?

Let’s face it, keeping office spaces clean can be an expensive headache, whether they are commercial spaces or the office space of your business. From the first vacuum of the first floor to the first mop of the last, you have to pay people to be there, cleaning it.
And let’s not forget about where all that mess goes. It gets carted off someplace, and if you’re like most business owners you probably aren’t sure where. Is it recycled? Is it put out for stormwater runoff? Do they take hazardous waste? These are things most homeowners know, but commercial properties seldom think about. There is a service available to help solve some of these space problems and headaches… it’s called Start to Shine.”

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